There’s No Place Like Home! Dorothy said it best in the Wizard of Oz after her ordeal over the rainbow; but she wasn’t just talking about shelter. She was talking about a feeling. She was talking about comfort & security – feeling loved and inspired by the space around you, filled with your nearest and dearest.


By visiting Wainscoting NJ you are yearning for the same: to create a feeling that simply transcends the notion of having a house; you are looking to create a home!

There are so many options. So many installers. How do you make the right choice? Simply put: You’ve done it. We have been transforming houses into beautiful homes for over 40 years in the tri-state area and we are known for our personalized service, unbeatable designs and master level craftsmanship.

Wainscoting is a method of preparing wall surfaces that dates back as early as the 16th century. A Dutch invention, Wainscoting used thick wood paneling to insulate and protect rooms from harsh weather; particularly sitting rooms, libraries, and entertaining areas. This is typically why we associate gorgeous ball rooms, dining rooms and rich libraries with this look. With hundreds of years behind this functional design, Wainscoting has enjoyed a widespread rebirth in modern applications.


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Modern homes are usually built with one thing in mind: The builder’s bottom line. From a cozy cottage to impressive estate, square rooms are cheaper and faster and that’s how a house is built. Homeowner’s can’t readily put their finger on “what’s missing” but it can certainly be felt. Wainscoting will completely transform your house into a living space that has depth, unity, and a uniqueness that contributes to the “wow factor” missing from today’s construction.

From the most affordable styles to unlimited budget’s, our master designer Gregory Christeas will work with you to finally create the look that is both functional and beautiful – putting your home ahead of the market in value and distinction.  Mark, a repeat customer from Monroe, NJ recently told us that “My 1st   home was on the market for about a year. After working with you it sold for $125K over market value, just one month after you completed the renovation.”

Mark is pointing out the substantial market value and that only a proper upgrade will give you. From an investment/profitability standpoint and even from curb appeal, his home crushed market expectation.

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Amy, a homeowner in Cape Cod, MA said “Greg, you gave us exactly what we hoped for even though we never realized it could be possible. Our friends come over more frequently, our kids seem to be having more fun, and we have a hard time even wanting to leave! There is a sense of beauty that exists here now that I only wish we knew about sooner.”

Amy is touching on that feeling of home which inspires and fills us – much like Dorothy meant when she said There’s no place like home!


There has never been a better time to find out what that can mean for you! Make your reservation now and save 5% off the upgrade that your home has been waiting for!

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